Wednesday, 26 April 2017


AKSHAY TRITIYA- AKATRIJ As on Friday, 28th April,2017 (from 10.30 am onward up to next day sunrise) The legend about Akshay Trithiya: Vaishakh Shukla Trithiya. The beginning of Sat-yug and Treta-yug started on AkshayTrithiya.

The donation, learning, hard work done on this day will result in good deeds that will be eternal, meaning Akshay(NEVER DESTROY)…….That is why it is called Akshay Trithiya.

If this day falls on a Monday or in Rohini Nakshatra then is considered most auspicious. This year it is falling on a Rohini Nakshatra(Afternoon 13.30pm) and hence it is very auspicious. This is celebrated as the first day of Sat-yog and that is why this day is also called the Yog-aadi Trithiya. If a person takes a dip in the holy water of ganges on this day, that person can get rid of all their paap and bad deeds. One should donate, various food items including, rice, wheat, salt, sugar, tamarind, fruits, fan and clothes and give dakshina to Brahmins.

Yudhistir, asked Shri Krishna the importance of Akshay Trithiya. Sri Krishna said that this tithi is full in itself. On Akshay Trithiya, one should take a bath in the morning, then perform Yugya, Punya, taap, Homa, pitr puja. The person who does this, will get eternal and ever flowing punya through-out his life. Shri Krishna said, that the story goes like this…. there was a very poor man who respected devatas and Brahmins and had the highest values of life. He had a very large family because of which he was very worried and disturbed. He then heard about the Akashay Trithiya Vrat. On this day, he took a dip in the holy water of ganges early morning. Then he performed the rituals and puja for all the devis and Devatas. He donated whatever he had, including food, rice, wheat, salt, sugar, clothes to the poor and Brahmins, even though his family was not happy about it. He continued to perform this puja, Vrat and donations every year…due to which, in his next life he became the mighty King of Kushawati . With the blessings of gods he became rich, majestic and devoted.

So my dear friends please utilize this day for cleansing your clutter and donate to needy people. This is no day to accumulate wealth, but one has to accumulate his good deeds, because we only takes our good deeds with us when we leave this earth. If you don't purchase Gold it's price will not be affected but if you miss any good deeds then certainly you miss a lot. One secret is that if you wish to get millions times of results you do that day, then don't tell anyone about what good deeds you have done on that day. Only between two soul should know about it.

If you are unable to donate or do any good deeds then just seat in yoga mudra and face North direction for 24 minutes. Your soul becomes lighter and lighter.


Sunday, 23 April 2017


Today  I am going to discuss important topic of Vedic astrology which is important of house lord in Synastry (Technics  of planet matching for marriage match making)
First we should know what is house , house lord , significater , seating planet , aspect ??
For that I will take the example of agriculture
House is the farm  , House lord is the farmer , Significater is the seed , seating planet is the soil , Aspecting  planet is the atmosphere .
In agriculture we have seen that farmer is all .so that’s why house lord is given so much important in astrology and also in Synastry
House lord Synastry  technique :
For marriage mostly 1st, 7th,8th,  &  12th  house are more important than any other  house . (60%)
9th and 10th house effect  on marriage life(15%)
5th house and 11th house  effects on marriage life.(20%)
2nd, 3rd, 6th  house  effect on marriage life.(3%)
4th house effect on marriage life (2%)
In short out of 100 each house lord contain this marks
1st house,7th house ,8th house , 12th house lord each having 15 marks
9th house and  10th house lord each having 7.5 marks
5th house and  11th house lord each having 10 marks
2nd , 3rd  , 6th , house lord each having 1 marks
4th house lord having 2 marks

First of all check how many of house lord are friends to each other .Then  check  how they are placed with each other .Then count points for  the compatibility using this techniques .
If house lord are placed 9/5 to each other then  take 100%, for 1/7, 1/1 ,4/10 take 75 %, for 3/11 take 50% ,for 2/12 take 25 % and for 6/8 take 0 % of marks

If marks is above 60% means couple will have good compatibility with each other even though they do not have any compatibility in ashtkoot Milan

In addition to providing a ‘compatibility score’, the Kuta System can be used to identify where there is a blockage in the energy flow between two individuals in a relationship. When this is integrated with an overall assessment of the combined planetary influences, taken by reading the two charts as one, together with appropriate and supportive astrological counselling, an effective appraisal of the planetary dynamics existing within the relationship can hopefully be realised.

Astrology  is a huge field of study because there are so many different factors to look at, and of course not all astrologers agree on the relative importance of the different techniques. One of the techniques which is most important, however, is the reading of the two charts together, by matching the rashis and overlaying one chart on top of the other (Synastry). This can give a very detailed picture of how the energies of the different grahas resonate with each other, by determining planetary aspects and other influences. so one astrologer should consider all facters and then take decision 


Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Advantages of Saturn stationery
Saturn in transit, it is in motion mostly, for some time period it is retrograde , and very small time period it is stationery. Saturn is always counting your good karma and bad karma  
But during stationary, karma is not counting by Saturn so Saturn will not effect you . So one should do good deeds or bad deed will not taken into counting by Saturn
But we should do good karma during this time
In this year we are lucky to have two stationery time from 2nd April to 10th April and from 21st September to 30 September  (T/C 5th April and 25 September on this day Saturn is not stationary)
Planet in motion gives result according to sun wish planet in Retrograde will give result according to  his own wish .so in this entire time  period Saturn will gives result according to his own wish
Saturn rules on judgement
So what to do during Saturn stationery??
here is the answer
 If you want to file your case in court you should file in court in this days . You will win the case
 If you have enemy you should meet him personally direct and you will find exactly what he want to do
Please do not use media person between you and your enemy
Due to Saturn if marriage matters are not solving you should direct approach them during this time and your matter will solve in this retrogression three months
Start everything which is stop from so many years or months
Clean your house
Whatever thing which is not possible during movement .you can start during stationary and you will get the result during retrogression
If your any file is stop in govt you should directly approach the officer and it will work
Good time for meditation
Start any activity which will  fulfill during retrogression
Start spiritual activity the universal force will come to you for help
Wherever your things are held up do some deeds and it will start working
Do some good deeds which will be taken into consider by Saturn
Donate blood in blood bank
Find NGO and donate something
Help poor people
Because this 10 day Saturn is stationary so he is judging people, so you can make him attention towards you during this time
Relationship is not working since so many time  it is time to direct approach them and get the result.
It is time to increase your deeds
Your marriage is about to fix but answer is not coming just go and directly approach them and you will find result definitely
It is the time to add some karma and you will get the result
Saturn will help you
Do your pending work
Student should start studying
Apply for new job
Guide others and motivate others is also Saturn activity
This time never come again
It’s secret of astrology
Just do it , you will get the result 101%
Good luck