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Affinity and closeness...
1) It mainly depends upon the coherence between the Lagna lord and the lord of 7 th.
Affectionate combinations....
There should be close connection in between the moon lagna and lords of 7 th and 11 th from it.
There should be close connection in between sukra sthana and the lords of 7 th and 11 th from it.
conflicts between wife and husband...
planetary combinations....
conflicts and ruptures arise when lords of 1/7 are posited in houses 6/8/12.
when lords of 1/7 are associated with lords of houses of 6/8/12.
when there is conjunction of 1/7 lords with Saturn and mars
when lords of 1/7 conjoin with rahu and kuja.
Indifferences and separation / divorce.
This occurs when 1/7 house lords conjoin with sani /rahu / ketu/ sun in any mode.
if one increases divine strength by remedial measures and prayer,
the doshas get nullified and harmony in family prevails.


Kalatra dosh and remedy
7th house speaks of spouse marriage and partnership.
It also stands for sukha,bed pleasures and harmony in marriage.
venus the planet of love is kalatra karaka in men's chart and guru in women's chart.The 7th house need be studied along with houses 2/11.
kalatra dosh is said to exist when karaka sukra is afflicted,or the 7 th house or its lord by rahu /Ketu.
The adverse results are...
delay in marriage./separation /unhappiness in marriage / may not get suitable wife / health may suffer / unsatisfied conjugal path.
Combinations causing dosh:
venus mars combination In 7 th.This makes one attract with others and drive to difficulty.
This tendency can be saved if 4 th and it's lord are strong.
Rahu in 7 th with mars ..Saturn.
Rahu and sun in 7th.
lord of 7 th is conbust.
7 th lord is debilitated.
7 th lord in 6/8/12.
7 th lord with 6/8/12 lords.
venus in 7 th excluding Taurus or Tula or Pisces.
other debilitated planets in 7th.
keep fast on Tuesdays.
do homam or rituals for the involved malefic planets.
may perform satyanarayan vrat for 7 consecutive full moon days.
Praying to Goddess Durga.
Similarly 8 th house in chart of female is called mangalya sthana and the karaka is guru.
Malefic planets in 8 th cause mangalaya dosh.Besides 8 th house,it's lord and guru the significatior are not to be afflicted.
If guru aspects 7/8 th lords.
if 7/8 th lords are strongly placed.
if the planet creating dosha is placed in own house or in exaltation sign,the dosh is considerably reduced.


Marital disharmony and disturbances in Vedic astrology:
7th house in the chart speaks of marriage,spouse and partners.
separation in marriage is envisaged as pointed out by sage parasara in ...Brihat parasara hora sastra....which reads as under.
when 7th house lord is debilitated,or receives malefic aspect or combust.
when 7 th house receives the malefic aspect or occupied by malefics.
varaha mihira in ...Brihat jataka...says,if there are mixed presence of good and bad planets,in 7 th there will be more than one marriage.
kalyan varma in ....saravali....supports the view that if mars in 7 th receives the aspect of Saturn loss of partner can be predicted.
Mantreswara in phala deepika...indicates if Venus or 7 th lord is hemmed in between malefics,there is sign of losing a partner.
when Saturn and rahu are in conjunction in 7 th,there is strong ground for separation.
if mars is involved,there will be fight,quarrel,aggressiveness and divorce..
venus the significator in male chart and guru in female chart being mangalya karaka,are strong,it works as a palliative.


stree rin /stree dosh in birth charts in Vedic astrology....
stree dosh is noticed in the planetary condition accrued due to curse of women in past lives dsitressed by the indifference towards them.
It is a prominent dosh in the Janna Kundali which gives adverse effects in the native's life reckoned as...
Stree dosh is also envisaged due to forgetting or not worshipping the family deity.
Stree dosh is said to be occurring in the birth chart when the karaka sukra is conjoined with rahu/Ketu/Saturn.

difficulty in love life,
delay in marriage,
Unhappiness in marriage,discontentment.
and progeny troubles etc.
Disturbed married life.
sickness of the present wife.
Bad relations with women at work.
Illness of children.
..when 7th house and 7 th lord is afflicted.
...and when sukra is posited ini auspicious houses 6/8/12.
Remedies suggested...
Wear diamond to middle finger on an auspicious Friday.
keep 6 faced rudraksha.
Read daily sri suktam.
Vist Durga devi temple on Fridays and offer red flowers and do astottara Satan nama puja/archan.
chant durgayei namaha...108 times daily.
do pujan to Lakshmi yantra with turmeric,kumkum and milk.
Respect all women from your heart.
Never hurt the feelings of wife.
keep wife in good spirits and smiles.
May take blessings from a widow.
Make your spouse happy,do not hurt,and keep in good spirit with love.
praying Goddess Durga /Mahalakshmi will be appeasing to Venus and rahu.
for Saturn,on Saturdays,you can light sesame oil lamp in front of idol of sanidev in temple.
for Ketu,read kalabhairavastakam.
chief remedy is to chant....maha mrutyunjaya mantra daily 108 times.
Om parasara gurave namaha


The above said yoga is given rise in the birth chart.....
the lords of lagna and 7 th house are in conjunction or in aspect to each other.
The person will have number of wives.
Purity preservance in marriage is a precious virtue.
2)Some people consider women other than wife as sister / mother.
3) Here....number of to be construed as a person having intimacy with many.


love marriage yoga 
Jupiter when connected gives rise to sat kalatra yoga/ a noble spouse and confers pure love.
venus gives love coupled with music,beauty and harmony.
Mercury insists on conversations,writings and communications through out.
Sun may give troubles through egoistic attitude,commanding nature and overriding temperament.
Mars and rahu give haste, aggressiveness,argumentatative /exciting traits in relationships.The love may be termed as of finding alterations.
saturn may impose detachment,pessimism,asceticism and aversion in matters of love.
ketu indicates too much of religiousness in relation.
Moon infuses creativity,imaginations and dreamy impulses in love.
venus moon combination bestows extreme bliss and happiness.
venus moon and Neptune append deep emotional sentimental love.
Saturn Ketu combination may promote love but with support of benefic planets.
Obstacles may be foreseen if the above planets associate with 4/8/10 houses and if they do not signify,no troubles felt.
The lords of 6/12 houses rarely extend support to love marriages.
Combinations of planets in chart for love marriages normally noticed are as under.
conjunction of 5 th and 7 th lord or their exchange.
conjunction of 5 th and 9 th lord or exchange.
conjunction of lords of 1 and 7 or exchange.
The presence of 5 th lord or the planets present in 5 th in the star of 7 th lord.
7 th lord posited in houses 2/7/11....
........or in the sub of houses of 2/7/11.
Mars Venus or
mars Venus rahu conjunction.
Readers may kindly add their views of study out of their experiences for more practical analysis.


As we all know that Jupiter and venus and Mercury are benefic planets.
The 7th house tells of marriage and spouse.
The placement of 7 th lord,aspects and conjunctions to 7 th lord and 7 th house indicate whether marriage is of joy or sorrow.
jupiter in woman's chart and Venus in man's chart are the significator s of marriage.
Jupiter's aspect to mangalaya sthana that is 8 th is very auspicious.
jupiter and Venus well placed will vouchsafe right marriage,happy married life and correct choice.
Jupiter' s aspect to 7 th house or on 7 th lord is beneficial but Jupiter in 7 th may not the sutra is....karaka bhava naasaya..conflict in marriage may be caused.
The relationship of 7 th lord,guru and Venus are very important for successful marital life.
satkalatra yoga formed when,Jupiter / or Mercury see 7 th or 7 th lord,
or venus and Mercury are conjoined,
guru aspects Venus,
mercury aspects Venus,
jupiter Venus conjunction.
The results are the spouse will be loyal,noble,virtuous ,god fearing spiritual,gracious,ethical and disciplined.
Good conditions prevail even in adverse situations of life.
The wife of the native will be emotionally attached and be very close.
similarly strongly deposited Venus too promotes enjoyable married life.
But Venus in 7 th is also not congenial.He may cause intimacy with other people and thereby put the native introuble.
v enus ensures blissful married life if aspects 7 th or 7 th lord.
If 7th lord is weakly disposed,with all other benefic aspects though accessible,the element of dissatisfaction ,appearing may not be ruled out.