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Long life of husband in astrology

💐Akhand saubhagyawati yog / long life of husband / sadaa suhagan yog in kundli 💐 👍7th lord should be placed in 7th house or in 9th house and 8th house should be empty.... This yog is akhand saubhagyawati yog 👌 👻Conditions ~ 7th lord should not be combust or retrograde 👻do not judge separation cases from this , This yog is only for long life of husband as compared to wife ..... Astro Kiara Dua {bharti}

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Marriage Matching

💞Understanding Marriage Matching:💝 “A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together , it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences “. Dave Meurer Marriage matching is a complex tedious process. Various matching techniques are employed to create a happy matrimony This article attempts to throw light on the most essential features of astrological Matching Techniques 💑Horoscope Prospects: The first step before matching a horoscope is to check the horoscope for good longevity. The Kalatra bhava with Ven Mars must be strong. Putra bhava and Jup must be well placed. Asc is analysed to understand the character. Moons position is studied to understand the temperament and psychology. The Yoga bhavas are studied are studied to know the prosperity and general welfare. Good dasas must operate from the time of marriage. When the horoscope prospects look satisfactory the matching steps are next analysed 💟Guna Milan: Gunamilan has been computed with socio religious considerations and proportional and different aspects in a married life. Different authors have given different weightage to the gunas . Guna milan is one aspect of the many steps to matching 1.Varna: Spiritual development 2.Vashya: Amenability 3.Tara: Mutual beneficence 4.Yoni: Affinity 5.Graha Maitri: Psychological disposition 6.Gana: Mutual love 7.Bhakuta: Overall welfare 8.Nadi: Physiological harmony 9.Mahendra: Comforts from progeny 10.Vedha: Avoid conflicts 11.Rajju: Longevity of married life 12.Stree Deergha: Marital longevity 13.Linga: Physical compatibility 14.Gotra: Physiological compatibility 15.Bhoota: Elemental harmony 16.Pakshi: Harmony 17.Yogini: Augurs Auspiciousness 18.Chandra Yoga: Luck 19.Aaya: Stability 20.Varga: Mutual friendship 21.Yujja: Mutual Love 💞Dosha/Paapasaamyam: Analysing Quantum of Dosha or marital affliction Malefics occupying 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 7th 8th 12th from Asc Moon Ven cause dosha or affliction to the hosroscope Dosha Saamyam means neutralising or balancing the negativity. Affliction in one chart must be balanced with the same affliction to neutralise the quantum of negativity Natural Malefics Mars Rahu Ketu Sun Sat in 1 2 4 7 8 12 houses causes kalatra dosha Dosha Quantum of houses: 1.Malefics in 8th produce 6 unit of dosha 2.Malefics in 7th produce 5 units of dosha 3.Malefics in 2nd and 4th produce 4 units of dosha 4.Malefics in Asc produce 3 units of dosha 5.Malefics in 12th produce 1 unit of dosha Dosha quantum of Malefics: 1.Rahu/Ketu produces 1 unit of dosha 2.Sun produces 2 units of dosha 3.Saturn produces 3 units of dosha 4.Mars produces 4 units of dosha Total Quantum of Dosha House Dosha multiplied by Malefic planet Dosha: Ex: Mars in 7th Unit of Mars :4 units Unit of 7th: 5 units Therefore 4 * 5 = 20 units dosha II) Planetary strength The dosha produced by the planet depends upon its strength as follows. Planet in exaltation no dosha Planet in Moola trikona 25% 1/4th unit Planet in own house 50% ½ unit Planet in friend’s house 75% 3/4th unit Planet in Debilitation 125% 1-1/4th unit Application: The dosha should be calculated from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Rule 1. When calculating from Moon the dosha value is only 50% of Lagna Value Rule 2. When calculating from Venus dosha value is only 25% Lagna Value Rule 3. For calculating total dosha add dosha calculated from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Rule 4: The dosha in the two charts should be equal or it can be more in boy’s chart. The dosha of the girl should not be more than that of the boy. Dosha in the boy’s chart can be double than the dosha in the girl’s chart. 🍁Kuja Dosha Antidotes: 1.Mars is set retrograde debilitated in 1 4 7 8 12 Mars dosha is not effective (Muhurtha Deepak) 2.The dosha is nullified if the 2nd has Moon Ven, or Jup aspects Mars, Rahu conjoins Mars 3.There is no Mars dosha if Aries coinciding 1st house. Scorpio coinciding 4th hoiuse , Cancer coinciding 8th house and Sag coinciding 12th house (Muhurtha Deepak) 4.Others opine Mars in the 2nd house in Gemini or Virgo Mars in the 4th house in Aries or Sco Mars in the 7th house in Cancer or Capricorn Mars in the 8th house in Sag Pisces Mars in the 12th house in Tau Lib Produces no Dosha 5.Strong Jup in the Asc or the 7th counteract the dosha . Some opine that if Jup or the Moon joins Mars then the dosha does not exist 6.If a spouse is having Sat in 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th then Mangal dosha does not exist (Muhurtha Sangraha darpan and Muhurtha Deepak) 7.If the Moon and Ven are in the 2nd house, or Mars is aspected by Jup , or Rahu is in a Qaadrant Mangal Dosha does not prevail 8.Mars in Leo or Aqu does not cause dosha 9.Mars does not cause dosha for Leo or Can Asc because he is a yogakaraka for these Asc. If Mars becomes debilitated combust enemy’s house Mars will cause dosha 💗Dasa Sandhi Combatibility: Dasa sandhi means two horoscopes of the bride and groom must not have they dasas ending within a year. They should be at least one-year difference. Rahu/Jupiter Dasasandhi for men, Venus/Sun. Dasasandhi for women. Mars/Rahu. Dasasandhi for both women and men are hostile. Generally the dasasandhi of two malefics can be dangerous Dasasandhi of dusthanas and badaka lord can be very challenging If the Dasa Sandhi occurs it could prove dangerous to the partners 💐Dasa and Matching: 1.The couples must run good dasas from the time of marriage 2.Dasa lords must not be inimical dasas to both couples 3.Dasa lords must not be in 6 8 12 from each other 4, Dasa lords must not be in each other badahaka , tithi soonya or malefic occupying Rasis 🌺Tithi and Matching: (Please see Full article in VV) TIthi depicst the Jala Tatwa and Ven Moon rule over Tithi. A snapshot matching can be just made by matching both the couples Tithis Tithi Plantery Rulers: Pratipad Navami: Sun Dvitya and Dasami: Moon Tritya and Ekadasi: Mars Chaturthi and Dwadasi: Mer Panchami and Trayodashi : Jup Shasti and Charuturdashi: Ven Sapatami and Pornima:Sat Amavasya:Rahu Principles: 1. Couples Tithi lords must be friendly Planets 2.Couples Tithi lord must be placed in mutual Trines or Quadrants and not in mutual Dusthanas 3. Tithi lords must be placed in harmonious Tatwa (Fiery Earthy Airy Watery) 🌹Jaimini and Matching: The Jaimini Athma Karaka, Darakaraka , Darapada and Upapada can be used effectively in compatibility a)Darakaraka: The Darakaraka of the spouse and the Atmakarka must be friends and must not be in mutual dusthanas. b) The Athmakarkas of both couples should be friendly planets and must be placed mutually in quadrants or Trines Both AK and DK must have auspicious synastry c)Darapada A7: The A7 must be well placed from Asc and Aruda lagna . A7 must not be in dusthana or conjoining malefics in synastry d)Upapadalagna: Upapada must be beneficially disposed. Malefics in 2 4 7 8 12 from UL is unwelcome. Upapada lagna must not join malefics in synastry 💘Synastry :(See detailed article on synastry on my old post-dated 2nd January 2019): Synastry is another matching technique, though a western concept its very useful in matching horoscopes Both the horoscopes are superimposed or overlapped and the effects are deduced Synastry can be of three types 1.House synastry 2.Planet Synastry 3. Planet to house Synastry House Synastry: Both the couples connecting houses are analysed. The Asc and 7th house must overlap a quadrant or trine. The quadrants and trines most overlap the spouse’s quadrant or trine, the overlapping must not be over 6 8 12 houses Planet Synastry: Moon Ven Mars Jup are the most important planets to be considered. These planets must not be over a natural malefic Rahu Ketu Mars Sat Both spouses Moon must be in mutual trine quadrant and overlapping benefics Ven makes a beneficial connection with Mars Moon or Asc lord creates strong Mutual Love Jup making connection with Moon Asc Asc lord ,7th lord creates a strong bond 🌻Muhurtha and Marriage: A good strong Muhurtha strengthens the marital bond, longevity and happiness. It’s a must to have marriage conducted with panchanga shudhi , Auspicious Asc with 7th 8th free of affliction .Moon Ven Jup must be strong in transit and Muhurtha. 🌼Summary: 1.The horoscope is first analysed for good longevity and general prospects 2.2nd 7th 8th the most important houses of marriage must auspiciously positioned 3.Asc 2nd 4th 7th 8th 12th if occupied by Malefics it must be balanced in dosha Saamyam 4.7th house and Ven/Mars must be strong for marital felicity 5.5th house and Jup must strong for good progeny 6.Moon must be Auspicious and mutually placed well 7.Moon Ven must be in auspicious synastry 8.Dasa sandhi must not occur 9.Guna Milan must be considered 10. Jaimini marital principles to be seen 11.Tithi compatibility is to checked 12. The overall Horoscope is analysed and no bhava must be strongly afflicted (1 2 4 5 7 8 12) 13.The couples must have auspicious dasas running from the time of Marriage 14.The marriage must be solemnised in an auspicious Muhurtha 💞Conclusion: Marriage matching is complex. Its highly impossible to have matching with all compatibilities. The most important aspects must be considered. Marriage matching is an irony. Love or arranged marriage the couple marries the exact opposite polarity person. Both are missing halves of each other coming together to complete each other. Asc and 7th house are 180 degrees apart naturally all couples will be 180 deg apart. One couples weakness will be matched with other having it in excess. An extrovert marries an introvert, a highly talkative person marries a silent person, an intellectual marries a street-smart person, a spendthrift marries a frugal person etc etc. Why matching is necessary when we are only going to marry our exact opposite frequency. Choice is a freewill option given to us. Though we are gravitating to our fate our choices in life change the course of destiny. Few Marriage quotes: “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other” -----Unknown “A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers” ---Ruth Bell Graham “A good Marriage is contest of Generosity “…Dian

Synastry (A novel Matching Technique)

Synastry (A novel Matching Technique) A simple introduction in using the western matching technique Synastry to Vedic Astrology. These principles I have seen it work very effectively in judging the couple’s chemistry accurately. The horoscope Potential and promise is the first assessment. The Paapa Saamyam and Doshaya saamyam is the 2nd assessment. The Guna milan assessment is the 3rd assessment. The Synastry tool is used as an adjunct in understanding deeply the chemistry and compatibility between the couples Synastry is the art of Matching or relationship Astrology. Both the couple’s chart are superimposed or overlapped and the effects are deduced. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals interact with one another. In synastry, the interaction between both birth charts is examined, offering an accurate gauge of compatibility. Through synastry, the complex dynamics of love and human relationships can be better understood. Because nothing so profoundly affects our lives as our contact with others. Synastry can be of three types 1.House Synastry 2.Planet Synastry 3.Planet to House Synastry House Synastry: In house Synastry both the couples connecting of houses are analysed. The Synastry of the Asc is most Important followed by the 7th the 5th house also seen for good progeny. The marriage houses 1 2 4 7 8 12 are checked for mutual harmony Good House Synastry: Quadrants and Trines must meet quadrants and Trines. 2 and 11 are resourceful and gainful. Eg.,Asc of couple must be the 1 5 9 or 2 4 7 10 11 of the other couple Samasaptaha or 7/7 relationship is the best Trinal synastry will be between mutual Friends 1/1 1/5 1/9 Quadrant Synastry is also harmonious if the Lord are friendly I/4 1/7 1/10 EX.,Aries Asc and Cancer Asc Synastry : Mars gets debilitated in Can this is a weak synastry Tau Asc and Leo Asc Synastry: Ven is inimical in Leo this is a challenging Synastry So, check both the lord’s friendship Same way check the 7th and other houses how they blend in to each other’s house design. Bad House Synastry: Houses Synastry with 6 8 12 houses is Challenging and difficult. E.g., Asc of one partner connecting with the 6 8 12 house of the other partner it is tough difficult challenging Synastry Asc Connection: 1/6 1/8 1/12 is bad (between couples) 7th Connection :7/6 7/8 7/12 is bad (between couples) House and Planet Synastry: Good Synastry (House VS Planet): Asc (2nd 4th 5th 7th 12th ) over Quadrant Trinal lords and Benefics who are not dusthana lords is highly desirable Eg., Aries Asc Guy and Sag Asc Girl if the guys Asc meets the girls Sun Moon Jup Ven it is highly favourable If the Asc meets the malefic trinal or 7th lord it is agreeable Bad Synastry (House VS Planets) Couples Asc 2nd 4th 5th 7th 12th houses overlapping over the couples Malefics is challenging especially Rahu Ketu Mars. Sun and Sat are also cautiously approached. If it is more than two planet connects it is difficult Eg Asc etc over Couples Sat Rahu or Mars Ketu or Sun Sat is not recommended Asc etc over couples 6 8 12 and Badhaka lords is also challenging Planetary Synastry: Moon Vs Moon: Moon is the most important in the planetary Synastry. To understand the mutual compatibility this is a very Important Principle. Samasaptaha 1/7 is the best Trines are Good 3 /11 is ok Quadrant relationship is good if both the lords are friendly 6 8 12 Moons is the worst Check the same rule to the Asc of the partner the effect is the same. After checking the Moon to Moon relationship check Moons relationship with the rest of the planets and houses, Moon to Ven Synastry is excellent for mutual love attraction and Romance Moon to Mer Synastry is good for good communication and understanding Moon to Jup Synastry is good for mutual respect and spiritual values Moon to Sun Synastry can cause Ego issues Moon to Sat Synastry can cause lack of attraction Moon to Mars Synastry can be sensitive and volatile if it’s a trinal lordship connect it is agreeable Moon to Rahu this is challenging synastry Moon to Ketu this is a difficult synastry The Synastry is strong if it is a conjunction. Trinal and Quadrant synastry is 50 percent effective It is very important to check the matching with the Moons Synastry with the 9 planet’s and Asc . The Synastry based on conjunction is the best effective synastry. The trinal and quadrant also shows the effect of each other’s planets on each other E.g., Couples Moon having benefics in Conjunction Quadrants trines strengthen the relationship brings mutual love binding and stability. Malefics in conjunction and mutual quadrants is undesirable it weakens the bond Eg Moon in Sagittarius. If the partner has malefic in Sagi esp Rahu Ketu Sat it is not auspicious. Malefics in quadrants have a secondary effect. After Moon rest of the planets Synastry are checked based on the same principles. Ven Synastry: Ven to other houses and planets is a vey important synastry for conjugal happiness , love and harmony between the couples Ven to Moon, Ven to Mars is the best desirable synastry Ven to Mer, Ven to Jup is also agreeable Ven to malefics especially in conjunction is undesirable especially to Rahu Ketu and Sun. The Asc Lord and 7th Lords Synastry in also seen it must not connect with malefics or 6 8 12 lords or houses Jupiters Synastry: Jup is seen for progeny spirituality culture tradition ethical and family values. The Jupiter in Synastry wants to help out, cheer up, and encourage the other person. Jupiter gets the most pleasure when he sees his loved one grow. A good Jup Synastry is necessary for a strong binding stability and for the Longevity of the marriage. Mars Synastry: Mars, in relationship astrology, is the planet of sexual expression and desire. It shows us our animal instincts. While Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars indicates a more animal need for sex and assertion. The physical chemistry is seen with Mars Synastry it equal to the Yoni porutham Mars Moon: Sensitive Volatile combination Mars Mer: Stimulating conversations, Arguments. Mars Ven: Strong physical attraction Mars Jup: Balancing Chemistry Mars Sun: Dynamic Chemistry Mars Sat: Tensions, frustrations, and blockages can feel insurmountable Sun Synastry: This is about both your self Idenity . The Egos ethos culture sublimation and mutual respect Mercury Synastry :The mutual communication quotient.The intellectual critical humour between the couples is seen. Saturn Synastry: The Karmic implications , the sense of commitment , duty and responsibility are seen Rahu Synastry: This is an unholy connection. The planets loose they purity and sanctity This is also a hint on karmic settlement or Karmic due. Ketu Synastry: This causes blocks in expression and experiance. A pscyhological internal conflict will be brewing. The synastry will force the other partner to involve in spirituality Dangerous Synastry : Moon Rahu Moon Ketu Sun Rahu Sun Ketu Mars Sat Sat Sun etc etc These are volatile Synastry. Luminaries over the serpents are Karmic connections Synastry Effect Conjunction: Planets forming a Synastry in conjunction is very strong Trinal: The Trinal Synastry is 50 percent in effect Quadrant: The Quadrant Synastry is 50 percent in effect The matching can be tedious when the trinal Quadrant etc synastry are seen. So, for practicality just check the Mutual Conjunction Synastry Synastry other Uses: Synastry is just not used for Marriage alone. The relationship with any person can be analysed with Synastry. Children: take Asc 5th and Jup Synastry Mother: Asc Moon and 4th house Synastry Father: Asc Moon Sun and 9th house Synastry Friends: Asc Moon 11th house (Ven Jup) Professional: Asc Moon Sun 10TH house Check Asc and Moon with the Karakas and House for other relationship Synastry

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How we can change dissatisfaction of life partner in satisfaction through astrology?

🕉 Veda teaches us a way of life in harmony with nature and energy, jyotish is eyes of Vedas 🌠We can use jyotish to live a perfect way of life, by understanding nature and flow of energy like a musical tune and dance along with its rhythm ⚓Jyotish have very subtle usage in every aspect to Day to Day life 💥Lagna of Navamsa is determined from degree of Uday Lagna 💎Navamsa is deep subconscious feeling of our psycological attitude towards life our likes and dislikes etc because it's created from degree of lagna ♟️Moon stand for our habits and in any varga chart show our state of mind, our psycology regarding signification of that varga 👉Navamsa is chart of marriage, destiny etc 🌍We usually get cases of mutual dissatisfaction amongst couple and we see chart and tell them when is good or bad phase, is there seperation etc but rarely we see jyotish giving marital tips to make marraige work, if destiny say there could be seperation then there could be one but till the time they are together we can always do things and be happy with partner in time being Tip - 1. Check moon sign in Navamsa chart 2. Note down the sign and house of moon in Navamsa 3. Any planet in conjunction or aspect to moon then it's effects are and must be added to arrive at conclusions 🛑that's the things we like most, if any one gift us things signified by moon sign, house and planet placed over there we must feel highest level of mental happiness Some time ago I was reading chart of a USA based couple, they loves each other but lot of dissatisfaction too, lady had moon in pisces sign 12th house of Navamsa and male had Virgo in 9th house I told man that if there is a fight and he gift shoes or foot wear to his wife then she will become very happy and if there is very big fight then take her for oversea travel togather, this will make her very very happy and will help end fight, he was shocked because his wife loved branded food wears and crazy about travelling to other countries 🌪I didn't do any magic it was simple basic jyotish shastras 🌞Small small things can help change dynamic in relationships 👉1. If partner moon in 1st or Aries - physical body stuffs, caps, pay yoga or gym class bills etc 👉2. If moon in 2nd or Taurus - take her out for romantic dinner, gift necklace beauty products 👉3. Moon in 3rd or Gemini - gift her communication devices, get togather with neighbors, pay Her mobile bill, take short travels etc 👉4. moon in Cancer or 4th - gift her decorative item for home, homely products, do gardening with her, gift her plants etc 👉5. Moon in 5th or Leo = Take her to movies or sport competition, praise her without reasons, entertainment etc togather 👉6. Moon in 6th or Virgo = help her with kitchen works, do cleaning for her etc gift her books, gift her free medical checkup 👉7. Moon in 7th or libra = Dance with her, do anything where both of you are involved togather, Libra love expensive lifestyle gifts 👉8. Moon in 8th or Scorpio = Gift her mystery and occult books, give her surprises, keep her on edge but sweetly 👉9. Moon in 9th or Sagittarius = Take her for trekking, pilgrimage, archelogical place etc give her religious or philosophical books 👉10. Moon in 10th or Capricorn = Give her Respect before other, praise her as hard worker, cools pants works for caps 👉11. Moon in 11th or Aquarius = socialise with partner, take her to marraige or gatherings etc hang with her friends 👉12. Moon in pisces or 12th = gift shoes or footwear, long travel, spend time in isolation with her, ask for her fantasy etc and help them realise their dreams 🌠 Apply own logic as per house and sign and use it for your own good, be creative and plz don't bombard comment with your own placements

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Doubt & Faith in relationship 6th house and Virgo stand for our doubt, disputes, enemy, accusations, debates Mercury lords Virgo he's doubt creator Planet, Saturn /mars are karaka of 6th house sorrow and anger are result of doubts Planet in 6th or where ever 6th lord goes we have doubt regarding significant or jeeva held and related by that planet / house, After all we fight with someone when we doubt them 👉For e.g 6th lord in 11th we doubt our friend, 11th lord in 6th friends doubt us and it backfires 👉6th lord in 7th house we doubt spouse and 7th lord in 6th spouse doubt us Same way apply it overall chart 🔥In male chart - planet to planet relationship mercury related to afflicted jeevakarak Venus/Jupiter create doubt in relationships 🔥In female chart - planet to planet relationship mercury related to afflicted Mars /venus create doubt In relationships 🔥 Some say Venus related to moon in male chart, native will have (kache kaan) easily believe in other words 🔥Mercury in 6th afflicted or exalted - Native trust no one 12th house and Pisces stand for faith, trust, completion, giving away, devotion, surrender, dhyan, meditation, God, sky. Jupiter lords 12th house and pisces he shows faith and trust of person 💥Saturn and Ketu karaka of 12th house, Saturn give perservarance, Ketu gives spiritulity but also give loss ♟️Any planet in 12th we have child like faith on them and we like to surrender for them, whatever that planet stand for as per house Lordships and in 12th house or where ever 12th lord goes we have full faith on that house and signication held and jeeva related after all we spend our resources on people we trust upon 👉For e.g 12th lord in 2nd we trust family and spend upon them, 2nd lord in 12th family trust us and spend on us. 👉12th lord in 4th we have faith in mother, spend on home and land, 4th lord in 12th mother and mother land have faith in us, hardcore patriot 👉12th in 7th faith in wife, spend on her but spouse have enemity Towards us. 7th lord in 12th spouse have faith but native is disinterested 🔥Jupiter + Ketu = native have great faith in God's and other, simpleton, easily trust other 🔥Jupiter + Saturn = Native is trust worthy and well endowed 🔥Female chart Jupiter + Venus = women is trust worthy 🔥Mercury in 12th afflicted or Deblitated - native easily trust other ⚓ more Planet in 12th then 6th more faith serving person and more in 6th than 12th then doubting native mercury Saturn is business yoga in such work we trust no one 🛑 Note :- Result can modify as per afflictions and aspects, so apply holistically

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Married life and Nadi Jyotish The following combination should be first seen in rashi chart and then in D-9 chart. 1) When Venus, Mars and ketu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may result into separation, If Jupiter is also in trine or in 2nd house from Venus there may be a compromise. 2) When Venus, Mars and Rahu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may result into separation 3) When Mercury, Mars and ketu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may again result into separation. 4) When Venus is in trine to any two slow moving planets like Rahu, Saturn or ketu or very close degree wise, it will result in separation. 5) When Ketu and mercury( in trine to each other, or very close degree wise) it indicates Love marriage for the native, If in this set up Venus or jupiter also gets involved(through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc), then it will end in love marriage. Further, if Mars gets involved((through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then there will be a failure in love affair or love marriage. In case of Moon involvement((through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then native will get defame in the society. 6) When Venus and moon get involved (through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) In females chart, she will only be happy with her boy friend and may be spoiled before marriage BUT if Jupiter is powerful in the chart, then she will commit the adultery in her mind only. 7) When Venus, Mercury and moon are involved with each other (through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then native can sleep with anybody if given a chance (irrespective of whether the native is male or female) even Jupiter aspect also cannot help here in this condition. 8) If Venus is hemmed between Saturn and mercury or between Mars and mercury, her spouse will also have a boy friend. 9) If mars is hemmed between Venus and moon or between Venus and mercury her husband will also have a girlfriend. 10) To see the stability of married life one should move from Venus to mars, if there are many Malefics between the two the married life will not be stable. 11) When Rahu is in trine or very close degree wise to mars- Indicates Late marriage for females 12) When Rahu is in Trine or very close degree wise to Venus-indicates late marriage for Males. 13) When ketu is in trine or very close degree wise to Venus in male’s chart then there may be misunderstanding between the couple but things will be fine if Jupiter is in trine or in 2nd to Venus. 14) When Ketu is in trine to mars or very close degree wise in female’s chart then there will be misunderstanding between the couple but again Jupiter’s involvement will nullify the things. Some additional concepts: As per nadi astrology Jupiter is the jeeva karak for males and Venus is the Jeevakaraka for females also remember that Mercury is the karaka for the girl friend or boy friend therefore whenever Jupiter comes in trine from Mercury in males chart- It indicates that person can have a illicit relationship. If this combination goes with Ketu and mercury in trine to each other or Venus, Mars, Rahu in trine to each other or Venus mars ketu in trine to each other or Mercury, Ketu, mars in trine to each other, this will surely indicate illicit relationships. The same could be observed in females chart by looking at the mutual trine of Jeevakaraka Venus (for females) with mercury, simultaneously taking into consideration the above mentioned points. If moon comes in trine to Rahu and any of the above mentioned 1 to 6 points are applicable then the things may go worse w.r.t personal life this is because Rahu is the karaka for all the secretive things and moon is the karaka for mind as a result this kind of placement may facilitate Secretive love affair. While considering the trine formations, do remember that if a planet is retrograde then its trine placements should be considered from the sign in which it is placed as well as from the its previous sign, like for example if mercury is retro and on the upfront ketu is not in trine to mercury then do reanalyze the ketu mercury trine placement by assuming the mercury in previous sign as that will also result into love marriage. The above mentioned points when found in lagan chart, they indicate that an event may take place on the materialistic front or physical front but when they occur in D-9 chart then that indicate the inner tendencies of the native towards the relationships. In other words, if these mentioned points are not occurring in lagan chart but are only present in D-9 chart, then that will indicate that though the native have the tendencies of messing up his relationships but that mess will not happen. From another angle, if the indications are present in both lagan and D-9 chart then the results mentioned are bound to happen, come what may! In Nadi Astrology: If 2 planets are in same sign then they will aspect each other with 100% Drishti, From other trines (5,9) 75% aspect has to be taken, from 2nd house also 75% aspect has to be taken, from 3,7,11 houses w.r.t planet under consideration 50% aspect has to be taken and from 12th house 25% aspect has to be taken 2nd house from planet represent front direction, 12th house from planet represent rear direction, 1,5,9- same direction, 3,7,11,opposite direction with an exception that Rahu and ketu cannot aspect a planet from opposite direction. Fortune of the Wife from Male Horoscope as per Nadi Astrology: Sun + Venus: This combination indicates that Sun is Royal and Venus indicates wealth Hence Wife is from a wealthy and respectable family. Moon + Venus: Moon indicates fluctuating or moveable nature hence this combination indicates change of place. Therefore, wife is from a Different location or place. Mars + Venus: Mars indicates Blood and Hence Wife comes from Blood relations. Mercury + Venus: Mercury indicates Intelligence. Hence wife comes from an Intellectual household. Jupiter + Venus: Jupiter indicates Spirituality. Hence Wife comes from a Spiritual Lineage. Dragon Head / Rahu + Venus: Dragon Head or Rahu indicates "ordinary or normal" and also "lack of education", hence wife may come from a Normal family with less or no education or one without a career. Venus + Saturn: Venus with Saturn indicates a wife who will be having her own source of income or a "working woman". Now I will discuss some important planetary combinations affecting married life as per Nadi Astrology: 1) If Venus is connected with Rahu or Ketu, then male native and if Mars is connected with Rahu or Ketu, then female native will experience Obstacles in marriage, if married,then disputes. If Jupiter aspects, then there will be compromise. 2) Combination of Venus-Saturn-Rahu or Venus-Saturn-Ketu in male horoscope and Mars-Saturn-Rahu or Mars-Saturn-Ketu in female horoscope will cause denial of marriage, if Jupiter aspects, effects will be minimized. 3) Combination of Mars-Venus-Rahu indicates unhappy married life. 4) Combination of Mars-Venus-Ketu indicates dispute between husband and wife,separation or Divorce. If Jupiter aspects, then there will be compromise. 5) If Venus hemmed by Mars & Mercury then the native will have relationship with lover and husband. 6) If Mars hemmed by Venus & Mercury then the native will have relationship with wife and another lady. 7) Combination of Moon and Venus in female horoscope shows she will have sex before marriage. If Jupiter aspects, mental adultery only. 8) Combination of Mars-Mercury-Ketu shows illicit Relationship of husband.9) Combination of Mercury-Venus-Ketu shows illicit Relationship of wife. 10) Combination of Moon-Mercury-Venus indicates either male or female horoscopy;they are loose in character and can have sex with anybody if opportunity arises. 11) Affair is possible if a combination of Mercury-Ketu is aspected by Jupiter in Male horoscope or Venus in female horoscope. The Main directions are East, South, West and North. In Nadi astrology it is important to remember the sign connections as per laws depicted in the chart below (see Figure 1 in attached images): East Signs:Aries, Leo & Sagittarius South Signs:Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn West Signs:Gemini, Libra & Aquarius North Signs:Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces Readers should remember following the following points: Planets in one direction are connected with each other, suppose Mars is in 1st Sign and Jupiter is in 5th Sign then Mars and Jupiter are connected with each other being in the same direction i.e. Eastern direction. Planets of Eastern direction establish connection with opposite direction i.e. Western direction. And planets of Northern direction establish connection with opposite direction i.e. Southern direction and vice versa. (Very important point) Retrograde planet represents two directions, suppose a retro planet is in South direction then it will represent south direction and being retrograde it will represent Eastern direction too. As per Nadi Astrology, in Male Horoscopy: 1.In Natal horoscope of male, Venus signifies wife and if Venus is connected with Jupiter then it indicates an early marriage but 2. If Venus is connected with Saturn then it indicates delayed marriage and generally marriage takes place in the2nd round of Saturn. 3.If there is no direct link of Venus, then link of dispositor should be considered. Rule for probable period of Male’s marriage as per Nadi Astrology: Connection between Natal Jupiter and transit Venus or transit Jupiter and Natal Venus. It is noticed that for timely marriage Natal Jupiter was in activation mode and forlate marriage Natal Saturn was in activation mode. As per Nadi Astrology, in Female Horoscopy: 1. In Natal horoscope of female, Mars signifies husband and if Mars is connected with Jupiter then it indicates an early marriage but 2.If Mars is connected with Saturn then it indicates delayed marriage and generally marriage takes place in the 2nd round of Saturn. 3.If there is no direct link of Mars, then link of dispositor should be considered. Rule for probable period of Female's marriage as per Nadi Astrology: Connection between Natal Jupiter and transit Mars or transit Jupiter and Natal Mars. It is noticed that for timely marriage Natal Jupiter was in activation mode and for late marriage Natal Saturn was in activation mode.

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Affinity and closeness...
1) It mainly depends upon the coherence between the Lagna lord and the lord of 7 th.
Affectionate combinations....
There should be close connection in between the moon lagna and lords of 7 th and 11 th from it.
There should be close connection in between sukra sthana and the lords of 7 th and 11 th from it.
conflicts between wife and husband...
planetary combinations....
conflicts and ruptures arise when lords of 1/7 are posited in houses 6/8/12.
when lords of 1/7 are associated with lords of houses of 6/8/12.
when there is conjunction of 1/7 lords with Saturn and mars
when lords of 1/7 conjoin with rahu and kuja.
Indifferences and separation / divorce.
This occurs when 1/7 house lords conjoin with sani /rahu / ketu/ sun in any mode.
if one increases divine strength by remedial measures and prayer,
the doshas get nullified and harmony in family prevails.