Tuesday, 6 June 2017


6 Noble Virtues of an Ideal Wife              
Karyeshu Dasi – In every work / profession the wife / husband should be supportive.
Karaneshu Mantri – Wise suggestions & exchanging of views each other properly.
Bhojeshu Mata – Excellent home maker to manage sweet home & food.
Rupeshu  Lakshmi – Good looking to husband.
Kshamaya  Dharitri – Should be very patient.
Shayaneshu  Rambha – Good marital life with husband & bed comforts.

How exactly compatible like above  sloka. How the great aspect on both charts as well the combination of both how it’s fruitful we can signify as per astrology. Which show the reality of marital life very genuinely.

1. Karyeshu Dasi & Bhojeshu Mata – Good aspects between Saturn and moon in Bride &  Grooms charts
2.Karaneshu  Mantri –  Good aspects between Mercury & Jupiter  , Jupiter & Sun, Jupiter & Moon , Sun & Mars , Sun & moon   in bride and grooms chart
3.Rupeshu  Lakshmi & Shayaneshu  Rambha –Good aspects between  Mars & Venus for lifelong affection in bride and grooms  chart
4.Kshamaya  Dharitri – Good aspects  between  Jupiter & Saturn in bride and grooms chart

if two planets are 9/5 to eachother then they will 100 % supportive to eachother
if two planets are 1/1 , 1/7 , 4/10 , to eachother then 75 % supportive to eachother
if two planets are 3/11 to eachother then 50 % supportive to eachother
if two planets are 2/12 to eachother then 25 % supportive to eachother 
if two planets are 6/8 to eachother then 0 % supportive to eachother

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