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Today i m going to discuss
How can SYNASTRY  help you to find  your  true soul mate?

First of all we should know what is soul? Soul (Atma)  is nothing but energy(karma) which has to be balance before our death.

We all are having ‘Soul’ in us. We are here on this earth for many years. Before going into detail regarding the soul mate as a life partner, It is important to realize that we have soul mates in all arrays of life. Soul Mates are group of souls that travel together throughout many life times. These group of souls incarnate together again & again to help & support each other and ultimately to teach and learn from another. 

We all have to complete our ‘Karmic Cycle’. So, at certain time intervals of different births, we come across different set of people, (which are our entire soul group) in which some stays for longer period others for shorter period. That all depends upon our karmic balance we are carrying with us. 

Now, comes to Soul Mate as a partner, we meet our soul mate who has been a partner in a previous life time. Our eyes are the mirror to the soul and when these meet, the loved ones feel the love they had in previous birth. Your soul knows it all. 

The term ‘Soul Mate’ is widely used these days by the people. And an astrologer is often asked some type of questions regarding this, such as, “Who will be my soul mates, when I will find him?”                 

The perfect soul mate, as per my view, is that who comes together in a significant relationship of each other’s growth and well being as much as their own. Their relationship is filled with light and love. These soul mates grow together physically, emotionally, spiritually with mature minds and complete their life journey.

Our Vedic Astrology helps us to find our soul mates to great extent. Here we see some combinations regarding finding perfect soul mates. 

In an astrology chart, 7th house is the house of partnership (whether life partner or business). According to our Karmic balance, we find our soul mate & astrologer helps us in doing so. He analyzes the 7th house and evaluates the Karma for positive and negative experiences connected with partnership. The presence of benefic planets of guidance, Jupiter or Venus, would give more positive experiences in relationship. But, if the 7th house occupies by malefic planet such as Saturn or Mars or the Sun, it tends towards the negative experience as well.        

There are some other houses & factors which help us to find out ideal or spiritual experience with partner. The 5th house is the house of past lines and Romance in a chart. If 5th house lord is staying with 7th house lord or 5th house lord is sitting in 7th house or vice-versa, signifies ‘love marriage as 5th house is also called house of spiritual practices, and in a chart involvement of 5th and 7th is present, then it signifies the relationship as ‘spiritual soul mates!’

Another house that helps an astrologer to find soul mate is 9th house. 9th house is the house of good fortune, beliefs and mysterious deeds. If 7th house makes connection with 9th house of any type then it is considered auspicious and helps to raise up the experience of partnership.

One other house is present in the chart which helps us to understand certain things. The 12the house is the house of loss, Spiritual & meditation. In one way it comes out as a bad result if 7th house & 12th house makes any connection. But the other side shows us light. For instance Gemini ascendant chart, Venus is the ruler of both, 5th house (house of love) & the 12the house (house of spirit) and its placement in the 7th house is with the 7th house lord indicates an ideal love in long run. 
After seeing the combination about how would my soul mate be? The question instantly arises ‘when will I find him?”. For that we have certain techniques in our astrology such as ‘Dasha System & Gochar(transit)’. Now, astrologer has to find out when the 7th house Karma will be ‘turned on’. 
The dasha of the 7th lord, the dasha of a planet sitting in the 7th house, will activate the timing with your partner and Gochar(transit) fully rectifies it or you can say gives perfection to the timing. 
As far as partnership is concerned, the horoscope of both the partners is equally important to find out best results. Then only an astrologer will come to certain conclusion which will be of great worth. 
Now, as for ‘Soul Mate’ question arises, the partners do have the desire and ability to surrender ego, to love each other unconditionally otherwise the relationship will not survive as long as it could be. So, first we need to prepare ourselves for our ‘Soul Mate’ to make each other’s life heaven rather we find out somewhere in the outside world.

Some special technique for check whether two person will become soulmates or not?

In your birth chart planet who is having highest degree it is known as atma karak planet. And the planet who is having least degree it is called kalatra karak planet
Ascendant lord is the planet which shows our body
Rahu  is  the  planet which  shows your future karma to be done
Ketu is the planet which shows your past karma to be resolve
Fifth house is the house which shows your past life karma and ninth house shows your future life karma
Sun is the natural karak of soul for all birth chart
First take kundali of you and your soul mate then check this


If so many planets are 9/5 to each other then she and he are may be soulmates

If your so many house lord are 9/5 to each other then she and he are may be soulmates

If your ascendant  is 9/5 to each other then possibilities of soulmates increase further

In between  shri  Krishna and Radha  sun moon and ascendant were found 9/5 to each other

If your atmakarak planet is other’s kalatra karak planet then then you will feel  attraction towards eachother and due to karmic relation you meet each other

If one’s atmakarak planet in others  ascendant or  with ascendant lord  or  with  rahu  then due to karmic relation you meet this person in this birth if this is found in both the chart then he or she may be your soul mates

If in one’s ascendent chart one planet place in specific sign in ascendant in other’s ascendant chart if same planet placed in seventh house then you are may be each others  soul mates

If in one's ascendant chart venus in some sign in another chart rahu (north node) in same sign then they may become a soul mates because rahu(north node) indicates future karma to be made which is not complete in past life due to some whenever this two persons meets they feel magnetic attraction towards each other

If in one's ascendant chart venus in some sign in another chart ketu in same sign then they are soul mates from past life they may become in this life but this relationships may not long lasting as venus rahu because ketu will break this relation after karmic cycle end

If in one's ascendant chart jupiter in some sign in another ascendant chart venus in same sign then they may become soulmates

If one's ascendant chart jupiter in some sign in another ascendant chart rahu in same sign they may become soulmates

I mostly found that in ascendant chart in which house ketu is placed that house should be strong in opposite partner's (soul mate's) ascendant chart

In opposite partner's navmansh chart navamansh ascendent lord is placed in some sign and if in our birth chart seventh house lord or jupiter (female's birthchart its shows husband) or venus (male's birth chart its shows wife ) is also placed in that same sign then you may be a soul mates

If your fifth house lord is in some sign in same sign opposite partner's birthchart have sun( natural soul in all birthchart) then you may become soul mates

If your ninth house lord is in some sign in same sign opposite partner's birthchart have sun(natural soul in all birthchart) then you may become soul mates

Hope this article is  helpful to you all
Comment if you have idea of other technique to find chances of soul mates between two ascendant chart



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