Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Today  I am going to discuss most important topic in astrology  for marriage life happiness . it’s nothing but the planet Jupiter

Why Jupiter is the most important planet in marriage astrology  ??
Because  Jupiter  is  the father of marriage , Jupiter  represents  responsibilities of marriage life  ,duty of that person
So using Jupiter we can come to know in marriage life who will take the responsibilities of own ,family, child ,relationship with husband ,fate and desire fulfillment
We can also come to know she or he will take care of your emotion or not using this Jupiter techniques??
Jupiter in any birth chart plays a very important role because it effects 11 houses in birth chart
1) Where it is placed? 2) Three aspects 3) Two his own sign 4) Five houses (2,5,7,9,11) significant
So Jupiter is so much important planet in marriage match making
For example
Take  any chart : In any birth chart Jupiter is placed in 4th  house
So from 5th house it is placed 12th from it so the person will not take any responsibilities of   his/her  child (25 % of  responsibilities will be taken )
From 7th house it is placed 10th so the person will take responsibilities of  his/her  relationship  ( 75% of responsibilities will be taken)
From 9th house it is placed 8th so the person will not take responsibilities of his /her fate (0% of responsibilities will be taken )
From 11th house it is placed 6th so the person will not take responsibilities of his/her desire fulfillment (0 % of responsibility will be taken )
From 1st house it is placed 4th so the person will  take responsibilities of own self (75 % of responsibility will be taken )
From 2nd house it is placed 3rd so the person will only take responsibilities of family when it is given so for making that person work for family human effort is required ( 50% responsibility will be taken )

Will she /he take care of  your emotion or not??
For  this first go to opposite partner’s birth chart’s Jupiter and check whether it’s Jupiter aspects your moon sign or not?
If it is then your opposite partner will always take care of your emotions

Jupiter also has three aspects 1]Direct(7th aspect) 2]5th aspect 3]9th aspect
5th house is indicates Pastlife connection ,emotions, love ,child ,Inteligence
9th house is indicates religion ,father,duty,future karma,responsibility,etc
so where the 5th aspect and 9th aspect of Jupiter goes person will take care of that house also perfectly 
for example : In female's  chart if Jupiter placed in 4th house it aspect 8th house by his 5th aspect so she will take care of his opposite partner's family like his own child and 9th aspect on 12 house so she will also take care of her marriage.

This should be check in both the chart if in one’s chart something is not working then it should be work in another’s  birth chart
So that the marriage life can balanced

If someone’s marriage life is not working or not growing then one should not blame others first he/she should know his/her duty .
Because not only due to opposite partner but you are also not taking responsibilities  in this relationship that’s why your marriage life is not working


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