Sunday, 1 April 2018


Today we are going to discuss the 55th navmansh which is very important in marriage life
To calculate your 55th navmansh you have to check first your birth chart
which ascendent is in your birthchart like take LEO ascendant for example
then go to the navmansh chart and check which ascendant is in navmansh chart if its libra
then we can say from D1 ascendant D9 ascendant is 3 steps ahead
then again go to D1 chart check which sign is in 7th house like i have leo ascendant then it will have  aquarius sign in seventh house .

Sequence of counting navamansh : the counting starts from the cardinal sign of each element. 1. For fiery signs : count from Aries 2. For Earthy signs : count from Capricorn 3. For Airy signs : Count from Libra 4. For watery signs : count from Cancer

so airy sign aquarius navmansh start from libra so from libra 3 step ahesd which sign appear ? its Sagittarius then it is the 55th navmansh for this chart so any planet passing from Sagittarius will cause disturbance in your marriage life

if any slow moving planet like saturn jupiter or rahu  is passing from this 55th navmansh you should wait if you are not get married and if you are married then one should be calm and keep patience in this particular time period

In hast milap kundali we should also check its 55th navmansh
no planet should in 55th navmansh at the time of hast milap because its birth chart of your marriage life


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