Thursday, 5 April 2018


VENUS and RAHU ( MAD for each Other )
Rahu always attracts Venus in the birth chart of opposit sex. Cause Rahu is MAYA and creates BANDHAN to continue Birth channel.
Now see in which sign or house your Rahu is sitting in your chart ? If you are male, you will be attracted to the female in the first meeting who has Venus in the same sign/house or just opposit sign/house of your Rahu. Remember Sign and House, both are working.
Same way if you are female you will be attracted to the male who has Venus in the same sign/house or just opposit sign/house of your Rahu.
Those couple who have love marriage or love with someone can check this in his/her chart. If it is there you will enjoy each other and relation will be long lasting
If there is no connection between one's Rahu and other's Venus at all in the charts of the partners then this attraction will not last for long time. Interest will be lost after some time. Please remember Rahu has much connection with sensual
pleasure or sex !!!
Those couple who have pure and plutonic love and no much desires to enjoy each other then forget about Rahu Venus !!!
Whenever Rahu passes through your natal Venus (Sign or House) you will have desires to develop relations with opposit sex and/or someone will be attracted to you within this one and half years time frame. Most of the extra marital relations are developed when Rahu crosses your Venus or some time Moon as Moon also is a mind and connected with sensual pleasure.
When Venus passes through your natal Rahu (Sign or House ) your desires to enjoy opposit sex is increased within this one months short time frame. Venus over Rahu in transit creates hunger and madness for sex.
I have checked the marriage dates of so many married couples and found that in most of the couples, at the time of marriage or first night, Venus was on natal Rahu (Sign or House) in either chart or sometime in both the charts. ( But remember this is applicable to those only who have not enjoyed sex before marriage in this advance days of kaliyuga. )