Thursday, 12 July 2018


Kalatra dosh and remedy
7th house speaks of spouse marriage and partnership.
It also stands for sukha,bed pleasures and harmony in marriage.
venus the planet of love is kalatra karaka in men's chart and guru in women's chart.The 7th house need be studied along with houses 2/11.
kalatra dosh is said to exist when karaka sukra is afflicted,or the 7 th house or its lord by rahu /Ketu.
The adverse results are...
delay in marriage./separation /unhappiness in marriage / may not get suitable wife / health may suffer / unsatisfied conjugal path.
Combinations causing dosh:
venus mars combination In 7 th.This makes one attract with others and drive to difficulty.
This tendency can be saved if 4 th and it's lord are strong.
Rahu in 7 th with mars ..Saturn.
Rahu and sun in 7th.
lord of 7 th is conbust.
7 th lord is debilitated.
7 th lord in 6/8/12.
7 th lord with 6/8/12 lords.
venus in 7 th excluding Taurus or Tula or Pisces.
other debilitated planets in 7th.
keep fast on Tuesdays.
do homam or rituals for the involved malefic planets.
may perform satyanarayan vrat for 7 consecutive full moon days.
Praying to Goddess Durga.
Similarly 8 th house in chart of female is called mangalya sthana and the karaka is guru.
Malefic planets in 8 th cause mangalaya dosh.Besides 8 th house,it's lord and guru the significatior are not to be afflicted.
If guru aspects 7/8 th lords.
if 7/8 th lords are strongly placed.
if the planet creating dosha is placed in own house or in exaltation sign,the dosh is considerably reduced.

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