Thursday, 12 July 2018


Marital disharmony and disturbances in Vedic astrology:
7th house in the chart speaks of marriage,spouse and partners.
separation in marriage is envisaged as pointed out by sage parasara in ...Brihat parasara hora sastra....which reads as under.
when 7th house lord is debilitated,or receives malefic aspect or combust.
when 7 th house receives the malefic aspect or occupied by malefics.
varaha mihira in ...Brihat jataka...says,if there are mixed presence of good and bad planets,in 7 th there will be more than one marriage.
kalyan varma in ....saravali....supports the view that if mars in 7 th receives the aspect of Saturn loss of partner can be predicted.
Mantreswara in phala deepika...indicates if Venus or 7 th lord is hemmed in between malefics,there is sign of losing a partner.
when Saturn and rahu are in conjunction in 7 th,there is strong ground for separation.
if mars is involved,there will be fight,quarrel,aggressiveness and divorce..
venus the significator in male chart and guru in female chart being mangalya karaka,are strong,it works as a palliative.

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