Thursday, 12 July 2018


love marriage yoga 
Jupiter when connected gives rise to sat kalatra yoga/ a noble spouse and confers pure love.
venus gives love coupled with music,beauty and harmony.
Mercury insists on conversations,writings and communications through out.
Sun may give troubles through egoistic attitude,commanding nature and overriding temperament.
Mars and rahu give haste, aggressiveness,argumentatative /exciting traits in relationships.The love may be termed as of finding alterations.
saturn may impose detachment,pessimism,asceticism and aversion in matters of love.
ketu indicates too much of religiousness in relation.
Moon infuses creativity,imaginations and dreamy impulses in love.
venus moon combination bestows extreme bliss and happiness.
venus moon and Neptune append deep emotional sentimental love.
Saturn Ketu combination may promote love but with support of benefic planets.
Obstacles may be foreseen if the above planets associate with 4/8/10 houses and if they do not signify,no troubles felt.
The lords of 6/12 houses rarely extend support to love marriages.
Combinations of planets in chart for love marriages normally noticed are as under.
conjunction of 5 th and 7 th lord or their exchange.
conjunction of 5 th and 9 th lord or exchange.
conjunction of lords of 1 and 7 or exchange.
The presence of 5 th lord or the planets present in 5 th in the star of 7 th lord.
7 th lord posited in houses 2/7/11....
........or in the sub of houses of 2/7/11.
Mars Venus or
mars Venus rahu conjunction.
Readers may kindly add their views of study out of their experiences for more practical analysis.

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