Thursday, 12 July 2018


As we all know that Jupiter and venus and Mercury are benefic planets.
The 7th house tells of marriage and spouse.
The placement of 7 th lord,aspects and conjunctions to 7 th lord and 7 th house indicate whether marriage is of joy or sorrow.
jupiter in woman's chart and Venus in man's chart are the significator s of marriage.
Jupiter's aspect to mangalaya sthana that is 8 th is very auspicious.
jupiter and Venus well placed will vouchsafe right marriage,happy married life and correct choice.
Jupiter' s aspect to 7 th house or on 7 th lord is beneficial but Jupiter in 7 th may not the sutra is....karaka bhava naasaya..conflict in marriage may be caused.
The relationship of 7 th lord,guru and Venus are very important for successful marital life.
satkalatra yoga formed when,Jupiter / or Mercury see 7 th or 7 th lord,
or venus and Mercury are conjoined,
guru aspects Venus,
mercury aspects Venus,
jupiter Venus conjunction.
The results are the spouse will be loyal,noble,virtuous ,god fearing spiritual,gracious,ethical and disciplined.
Good conditions prevail even in adverse situations of life.
The wife of the native will be emotionally attached and be very close.
similarly strongly deposited Venus too promotes enjoyable married life.
But Venus in 7 th is also not congenial.He may cause intimacy with other people and thereby put the native introuble.
v enus ensures blissful married life if aspects 7 th or 7 th lord.
If 7th lord is weakly disposed,with all other benefic aspects though accessible,the element of dissatisfaction ,appearing may not be ruled out.

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