Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Doubt & Faith in relationship 6th house and Virgo stand for our doubt, disputes, enemy, accusations, debates Mercury lords Virgo he's doubt creator Planet, Saturn /mars are karaka of 6th house sorrow and anger are result of doubts Planet in 6th or where ever 6th lord goes we have doubt regarding significant or jeeva held and related by that planet / house, After all we fight with someone when we doubt them 👉For e.g 6th lord in 11th we doubt our friend, 11th lord in 6th friends doubt us and it backfires 👉6th lord in 7th house we doubt spouse and 7th lord in 6th spouse doubt us Same way apply it overall chart 🔥In male chart - planet to planet relationship mercury related to afflicted jeevakarak Venus/Jupiter create doubt in relationships 🔥In female chart - planet to planet relationship mercury related to afflicted Mars /venus create doubt In relationships 🔥 Some say Venus related to moon in male chart, native will have (kache kaan) easily believe in other words 🔥Mercury in 6th afflicted or exalted - Native trust no one 12th house and Pisces stand for faith, trust, completion, giving away, devotion, surrender, dhyan, meditation, God, sky. Jupiter lords 12th house and pisces he shows faith and trust of person 💥Saturn and Ketu karaka of 12th house, Saturn give perservarance, Ketu gives spiritulity but also give loss ♟️Any planet in 12th we have child like faith on them and we like to surrender for them, whatever that planet stand for as per house Lordships and in 12th house or where ever 12th lord goes we have full faith on that house and signication held and jeeva related after all we spend our resources on people we trust upon 👉For e.g 12th lord in 2nd we trust family and spend upon them, 2nd lord in 12th family trust us and spend on us. 👉12th lord in 4th we have faith in mother, spend on home and land, 4th lord in 12th mother and mother land have faith in us, hardcore patriot 👉12th in 7th faith in wife, spend on her but spouse have enemity Towards us. 7th lord in 12th spouse have faith but native is disinterested 🔥Jupiter + Ketu = native have great faith in God's and other, simpleton, easily trust other 🔥Jupiter + Saturn = Native is trust worthy and well endowed 🔥Female chart Jupiter + Venus = women is trust worthy 🔥Mercury in 12th afflicted or Deblitated - native easily trust other ⚓ more Planet in 12th then 6th more faith serving person and more in 6th than 12th then doubting native mercury Saturn is business yoga in such work we trust no one 🛑 Note :- Result can modify as per afflictions and aspects, so apply holistically

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