Sunday, 12 July 2020

How we can change dissatisfaction of life partner in satisfaction through astrology?

πŸ•‰ Veda teaches us a way of life in harmony with nature and energy, jyotish is eyes of Vedas 🌠We can use jyotish to live a perfect way of life, by understanding nature and flow of energy like a musical tune and dance along with its rhythm ⚓Jyotish have very subtle usage in every aspect to Day to Day life πŸ’₯Lagna of Navamsa is determined from degree of Uday Lagna πŸ’ŽNavamsa is deep subconscious feeling of our psycological attitude towards life our likes and dislikes etc because it's created from degree of lagna ♟️Moon stand for our habits and in any varga chart show our state of mind, our psycology regarding signification of that varga πŸ‘‰Navamsa is chart of marriage, destiny etc 🌍We usually get cases of mutual dissatisfaction amongst couple and we see chart and tell them when is good or bad phase, is there seperation etc but rarely we see jyotish giving marital tips to make marraige work, if destiny say there could be seperation then there could be one but till the time they are together we can always do things and be happy with partner in time being Tip - 1. Check moon sign in Navamsa chart 2. Note down the sign and house of moon in Navamsa 3. Any planet in conjunction or aspect to moon then it's effects are and must be added to arrive at conclusions πŸ›‘that's the things we like most, if any one gift us things signified by moon sign, house and planet placed over there we must feel highest level of mental happiness Some time ago I was reading chart of a USA based couple, they loves each other but lot of dissatisfaction too, lady had moon in pisces sign 12th house of Navamsa and male had Virgo in 9th house I told man that if there is a fight and he gift shoes or foot wear to his wife then she will become very happy and if there is very big fight then take her for oversea travel togather, this will make her very very happy and will help end fight, he was shocked because his wife loved branded food wears and crazy about travelling to other countries πŸŒͺI didn't do any magic it was simple basic jyotish shastras 🌞Small small things can help change dynamic in relationships πŸ‘‰1. If partner moon in 1st or Aries - physical body stuffs, caps, pay yoga or gym class bills etc πŸ‘‰2. If moon in 2nd or Taurus - take her out for romantic dinner, gift necklace beauty products πŸ‘‰3. Moon in 3rd or Gemini - gift her communication devices, get togather with neighbors, pay Her mobile bill, take short travels etc πŸ‘‰4. moon in Cancer or 4th - gift her decorative item for home, homely products, do gardening with her, gift her plants etc πŸ‘‰5. Moon in 5th or Leo = Take her to movies or sport competition, praise her without reasons, entertainment etc togather πŸ‘‰6. Moon in 6th or Virgo = help her with kitchen works, do cleaning for her etc gift her books, gift her free medical checkup πŸ‘‰7. Moon in 7th or libra = Dance with her, do anything where both of you are involved togather, Libra love expensive lifestyle gifts πŸ‘‰8. Moon in 8th or Scorpio = Gift her mystery and occult books, give her surprises, keep her on edge but sweetly πŸ‘‰9. Moon in 9th or Sagittarius = Take her for trekking, pilgrimage, archelogical place etc give her religious or philosophical books πŸ‘‰10. Moon in 10th or Capricorn = Give her Respect before other, praise her as hard worker, cools pants works for caps πŸ‘‰11. Moon in 11th or Aquarius = socialise with partner, take her to marraige or gatherings etc hang with her friends πŸ‘‰12. Moon in pisces or 12th = gift shoes or footwear, long travel, spend time in isolation with her, ask for her fantasy etc and help them realise their dreams 🌠 Apply own logic as per house and sign and use it for your own good, be creative and plz don't bombard comment with your own placements

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