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Marriage Matching

💞Understanding Marriage Matching:💝 “A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together , it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences “. Dave Meurer Marriage matching is a complex tedious process. Various matching techniques are employed to create a happy matrimony This article attempts to throw light on the most essential features of astrological Matching Techniques 💑Horoscope Prospects: The first step before matching a horoscope is to check the horoscope for good longevity. The Kalatra bhava with Ven Mars must be strong. Putra bhava and Jup must be well placed. Asc is analysed to understand the character. Moons position is studied to understand the temperament and psychology. The Yoga bhavas are studied are studied to know the prosperity and general welfare. Good dasas must operate from the time of marriage. When the horoscope prospects look satisfactory the matching steps are next analysed 💟Guna Milan: Gunamilan has been computed with socio religious considerations and proportional and different aspects in a married life. Different authors have given different weightage to the gunas . Guna milan is one aspect of the many steps to matching 1.Varna: Spiritual development 2.Vashya: Amenability 3.Tara: Mutual beneficence 4.Yoni: Affinity 5.Graha Maitri: Psychological disposition 6.Gana: Mutual love 7.Bhakuta: Overall welfare 8.Nadi: Physiological harmony 9.Mahendra: Comforts from progeny 10.Vedha: Avoid conflicts 11.Rajju: Longevity of married life 12.Stree Deergha: Marital longevity 13.Linga: Physical compatibility 14.Gotra: Physiological compatibility 15.Bhoota: Elemental harmony 16.Pakshi: Harmony 17.Yogini: Augurs Auspiciousness 18.Chandra Yoga: Luck 19.Aaya: Stability 20.Varga: Mutual friendship 21.Yujja: Mutual Love 💞Dosha/Paapasaamyam: Analysing Quantum of Dosha or marital affliction Malefics occupying 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 7th 8th 12th from Asc Moon Ven cause dosha or affliction to the hosroscope Dosha Saamyam means neutralising or balancing the negativity. Affliction in one chart must be balanced with the same affliction to neutralise the quantum of negativity Natural Malefics Mars Rahu Ketu Sun Sat in 1 2 4 7 8 12 houses causes kalatra dosha Dosha Quantum of houses: 1.Malefics in 8th produce 6 unit of dosha 2.Malefics in 7th produce 5 units of dosha 3.Malefics in 2nd and 4th produce 4 units of dosha 4.Malefics in Asc produce 3 units of dosha 5.Malefics in 12th produce 1 unit of dosha Dosha quantum of Malefics: 1.Rahu/Ketu produces 1 unit of dosha 2.Sun produces 2 units of dosha 3.Saturn produces 3 units of dosha 4.Mars produces 4 units of dosha Total Quantum of Dosha House Dosha multiplied by Malefic planet Dosha: Ex: Mars in 7th Unit of Mars :4 units Unit of 7th: 5 units Therefore 4 * 5 = 20 units dosha II) Planetary strength The dosha produced by the planet depends upon its strength as follows. Planet in exaltation no dosha Planet in Moola trikona 25% 1/4th unit Planet in own house 50% ½ unit Planet in friend’s house 75% 3/4th unit Planet in Debilitation 125% 1-1/4th unit Application: The dosha should be calculated from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Rule 1. When calculating from Moon the dosha value is only 50% of Lagna Value Rule 2. When calculating from Venus dosha value is only 25% Lagna Value Rule 3. For calculating total dosha add dosha calculated from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Rule 4: The dosha in the two charts should be equal or it can be more in boy’s chart. The dosha of the girl should not be more than that of the boy. Dosha in the boy’s chart can be double than the dosha in the girl’s chart. 🍁Kuja Dosha Antidotes: 1.Mars is set retrograde debilitated in 1 4 7 8 12 Mars dosha is not effective (Muhurtha Deepak) 2.The dosha is nullified if the 2nd has Moon Ven, or Jup aspects Mars, Rahu conjoins Mars 3.There is no Mars dosha if Aries coinciding 1st house. Scorpio coinciding 4th hoiuse , Cancer coinciding 8th house and Sag coinciding 12th house (Muhurtha Deepak) 4.Others opine Mars in the 2nd house in Gemini or Virgo Mars in the 4th house in Aries or Sco Mars in the 7th house in Cancer or Capricorn Mars in the 8th house in Sag Pisces Mars in the 12th house in Tau Lib Produces no Dosha 5.Strong Jup in the Asc or the 7th counteract the dosha . Some opine that if Jup or the Moon joins Mars then the dosha does not exist 6.If a spouse is having Sat in 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th then Mangal dosha does not exist (Muhurtha Sangraha darpan and Muhurtha Deepak) 7.If the Moon and Ven are in the 2nd house, or Mars is aspected by Jup , or Rahu is in a Qaadrant Mangal Dosha does not prevail 8.Mars in Leo or Aqu does not cause dosha 9.Mars does not cause dosha for Leo or Can Asc because he is a yogakaraka for these Asc. If Mars becomes debilitated combust enemy’s house Mars will cause dosha 💗Dasa Sandhi Combatibility: Dasa sandhi means two horoscopes of the bride and groom must not have they dasas ending within a year. They should be at least one-year difference. Rahu/Jupiter Dasasandhi for men, Venus/Sun. Dasasandhi for women. Mars/Rahu. Dasasandhi for both women and men are hostile. Generally the dasasandhi of two malefics can be dangerous Dasasandhi of dusthanas and badaka lord can be very challenging If the Dasa Sandhi occurs it could prove dangerous to the partners 💐Dasa and Matching: 1.The couples must run good dasas from the time of marriage 2.Dasa lords must not be inimical dasas to both couples 3.Dasa lords must not be in 6 8 12 from each other 4, Dasa lords must not be in each other badahaka , tithi soonya or malefic occupying Rasis 🌺Tithi and Matching: (Please see Full article in VV) TIthi depicst the Jala Tatwa and Ven Moon rule over Tithi. A snapshot matching can be just made by matching both the couples Tithis Tithi Plantery Rulers: Pratipad Navami: Sun Dvitya and Dasami: Moon Tritya and Ekadasi: Mars Chaturthi and Dwadasi: Mer Panchami and Trayodashi : Jup Shasti and Charuturdashi: Ven Sapatami and Pornima:Sat Amavasya:Rahu Principles: 1. Couples Tithi lords must be friendly Planets 2.Couples Tithi lord must be placed in mutual Trines or Quadrants and not in mutual Dusthanas 3. Tithi lords must be placed in harmonious Tatwa (Fiery Earthy Airy Watery) 🌹Jaimini and Matching: The Jaimini Athma Karaka, Darakaraka , Darapada and Upapada can be used effectively in compatibility a)Darakaraka: The Darakaraka of the spouse and the Atmakarka must be friends and must not be in mutual dusthanas. b) The Athmakarkas of both couples should be friendly planets and must be placed mutually in quadrants or Trines Both AK and DK must have auspicious synastry c)Darapada A7: The A7 must be well placed from Asc and Aruda lagna . A7 must not be in dusthana or conjoining malefics in synastry d)Upapadalagna: Upapada must be beneficially disposed. Malefics in 2 4 7 8 12 from UL is unwelcome. Upapada lagna must not join malefics in synastry 💘Synastry :(See detailed article on synastry on my old post-dated 2nd January 2019): Synastry is another matching technique, though a western concept its very useful in matching horoscopes Both the horoscopes are superimposed or overlapped and the effects are deduced Synastry can be of three types 1.House synastry 2.Planet Synastry 3. Planet to house Synastry House Synastry: Both the couples connecting houses are analysed. The Asc and 7th house must overlap a quadrant or trine. The quadrants and trines most overlap the spouse’s quadrant or trine, the overlapping must not be over 6 8 12 houses Planet Synastry: Moon Ven Mars Jup are the most important planets to be considered. These planets must not be over a natural malefic Rahu Ketu Mars Sat Both spouses Moon must be in mutual trine quadrant and overlapping benefics Ven makes a beneficial connection with Mars Moon or Asc lord creates strong Mutual Love Jup making connection with Moon Asc Asc lord ,7th lord creates a strong bond 🌻Muhurtha and Marriage: A good strong Muhurtha strengthens the marital bond, longevity and happiness. It’s a must to have marriage conducted with panchanga shudhi , Auspicious Asc with 7th 8th free of affliction .Moon Ven Jup must be strong in transit and Muhurtha. 🌼Summary: 1.The horoscope is first analysed for good longevity and general prospects 2.2nd 7th 8th the most important houses of marriage must auspiciously positioned 3.Asc 2nd 4th 7th 8th 12th if occupied by Malefics it must be balanced in dosha Saamyam 4.7th house and Ven/Mars must be strong for marital felicity 5.5th house and Jup must strong for good progeny 6.Moon must be Auspicious and mutually placed well 7.Moon Ven must be in auspicious synastry 8.Dasa sandhi must not occur 9.Guna Milan must be considered 10. Jaimini marital principles to be seen 11.Tithi compatibility is to checked 12. The overall Horoscope is analysed and no bhava must be strongly afflicted (1 2 4 5 7 8 12) 13.The couples must have auspicious dasas running from the time of Marriage 14.The marriage must be solemnised in an auspicious Muhurtha 💞Conclusion: Marriage matching is complex. Its highly impossible to have matching with all compatibilities. The most important aspects must be considered. Marriage matching is an irony. Love or arranged marriage the couple marries the exact opposite polarity person. Both are missing halves of each other coming together to complete each other. Asc and 7th house are 180 degrees apart naturally all couples will be 180 deg apart. One couples weakness will be matched with other having it in excess. An extrovert marries an introvert, a highly talkative person marries a silent person, an intellectual marries a street-smart person, a spendthrift marries a frugal person etc etc. Why matching is necessary when we are only going to marry our exact opposite frequency. Choice is a freewill option given to us. Though we are gravitating to our fate our choices in life change the course of destiny. Few Marriage quotes: “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other” -----Unknown “A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers” ---Ruth Bell Graham “A good Marriage is contest of Generosity “…Dian

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