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Synastry (A novel Matching Technique)

Synastry (A novel Matching Technique) A simple introduction in using the western matching technique Synastry to Vedic Astrology. These principles I have seen it work very effectively in judging the couple’s chemistry accurately. The horoscope Potential and promise is the first assessment. The Paapa Saamyam and Doshaya saamyam is the 2nd assessment. The Guna milan assessment is the 3rd assessment. The Synastry tool is used as an adjunct in understanding deeply the chemistry and compatibility between the couples Synastry is the art of Matching or relationship Astrology. Both the couple’s chart are superimposed or overlapped and the effects are deduced. It is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals interact with one another. In synastry, the interaction between both birth charts is examined, offering an accurate gauge of compatibility. Through synastry, the complex dynamics of love and human relationships can be better understood. Because nothing so profoundly affects our lives as our contact with others. Synastry can be of three types 1.House Synastry 2.Planet Synastry 3.Planet to House Synastry House Synastry: In house Synastry both the couples connecting of houses are analysed. The Synastry of the Asc is most Important followed by the 7th the 5th house also seen for good progeny. The marriage houses 1 2 4 7 8 12 are checked for mutual harmony Good House Synastry: Quadrants and Trines must meet quadrants and Trines. 2 and 11 are resourceful and gainful. Eg.,Asc of couple must be the 1 5 9 or 2 4 7 10 11 of the other couple Samasaptaha or 7/7 relationship is the best Trinal synastry will be between mutual Friends 1/1 1/5 1/9 Quadrant Synastry is also harmonious if the Lord are friendly I/4 1/7 1/10 EX.,Aries Asc and Cancer Asc Synastry : Mars gets debilitated in Can this is a weak synastry Tau Asc and Leo Asc Synastry: Ven is inimical in Leo this is a challenging Synastry So, check both the lord’s friendship Same way check the 7th and other houses how they blend in to each other’s house design. Bad House Synastry: Houses Synastry with 6 8 12 houses is Challenging and difficult. E.g., Asc of one partner connecting with the 6 8 12 house of the other partner it is tough difficult challenging Synastry Asc Connection: 1/6 1/8 1/12 is bad (between couples) 7th Connection :7/6 7/8 7/12 is bad (between couples) House and Planet Synastry: Good Synastry (House VS Planet): Asc (2nd 4th 5th 7th 12th ) over Quadrant Trinal lords and Benefics who are not dusthana lords is highly desirable Eg., Aries Asc Guy and Sag Asc Girl if the guys Asc meets the girls Sun Moon Jup Ven it is highly favourable If the Asc meets the malefic trinal or 7th lord it is agreeable Bad Synastry (House VS Planets) Couples Asc 2nd 4th 5th 7th 12th houses overlapping over the couples Malefics is challenging especially Rahu Ketu Mars. Sun and Sat are also cautiously approached. If it is more than two planet connects it is difficult Eg Asc etc over Couples Sat Rahu or Mars Ketu or Sun Sat is not recommended Asc etc over couples 6 8 12 and Badhaka lords is also challenging Planetary Synastry: Moon Vs Moon: Moon is the most important in the planetary Synastry. To understand the mutual compatibility this is a very Important Principle. Samasaptaha 1/7 is the best Trines are Good 3 /11 is ok Quadrant relationship is good if both the lords are friendly 6 8 12 Moons is the worst Check the same rule to the Asc of the partner the effect is the same. After checking the Moon to Moon relationship check Moons relationship with the rest of the planets and houses, Moon to Ven Synastry is excellent for mutual love attraction and Romance Moon to Mer Synastry is good for good communication and understanding Moon to Jup Synastry is good for mutual respect and spiritual values Moon to Sun Synastry can cause Ego issues Moon to Sat Synastry can cause lack of attraction Moon to Mars Synastry can be sensitive and volatile if it’s a trinal lordship connect it is agreeable Moon to Rahu this is challenging synastry Moon to Ketu this is a difficult synastry The Synastry is strong if it is a conjunction. Trinal and Quadrant synastry is 50 percent effective It is very important to check the matching with the Moons Synastry with the 9 planet’s and Asc . The Synastry based on conjunction is the best effective synastry. The trinal and quadrant also shows the effect of each other’s planets on each other E.g., Couples Moon having benefics in Conjunction Quadrants trines strengthen the relationship brings mutual love binding and stability. Malefics in conjunction and mutual quadrants is undesirable it weakens the bond Eg Moon in Sagittarius. If the partner has malefic in Sagi esp Rahu Ketu Sat it is not auspicious. Malefics in quadrants have a secondary effect. After Moon rest of the planets Synastry are checked based on the same principles. Ven Synastry: Ven to other houses and planets is a vey important synastry for conjugal happiness , love and harmony between the couples Ven to Moon, Ven to Mars is the best desirable synastry Ven to Mer, Ven to Jup is also agreeable Ven to malefics especially in conjunction is undesirable especially to Rahu Ketu and Sun. The Asc Lord and 7th Lords Synastry in also seen it must not connect with malefics or 6 8 12 lords or houses Jupiters Synastry: Jup is seen for progeny spirituality culture tradition ethical and family values. The Jupiter in Synastry wants to help out, cheer up, and encourage the other person. Jupiter gets the most pleasure when he sees his loved one grow. A good Jup Synastry is necessary for a strong binding stability and for the Longevity of the marriage. Mars Synastry: Mars, in relationship astrology, is the planet of sexual expression and desire. It shows us our animal instincts. While Venus rules romantic attraction, Mars indicates a more animal need for sex and assertion. The physical chemistry is seen with Mars Synastry it equal to the Yoni porutham Mars Moon: Sensitive Volatile combination Mars Mer: Stimulating conversations, Arguments. Mars Ven: Strong physical attraction Mars Jup: Balancing Chemistry Mars Sun: Dynamic Chemistry Mars Sat: Tensions, frustrations, and blockages can feel insurmountable Sun Synastry: This is about both your self Idenity . The Egos ethos culture sublimation and mutual respect Mercury Synastry :The mutual communication quotient.The intellectual critical humour between the couples is seen. Saturn Synastry: The Karmic implications , the sense of commitment , duty and responsibility are seen Rahu Synastry: This is an unholy connection. The planets loose they purity and sanctity This is also a hint on karmic settlement or Karmic due. Ketu Synastry: This causes blocks in expression and experiance. A pscyhological internal conflict will be brewing. The synastry will force the other partner to involve in spirituality Dangerous Synastry : Moon Rahu Moon Ketu Sun Rahu Sun Ketu Mars Sat Sat Sun etc etc These are volatile Synastry. Luminaries over the serpents are Karmic connections Synastry Effect Conjunction: Planets forming a Synastry in conjunction is very strong Trinal: The Trinal Synastry is 50 percent in effect Quadrant: The Quadrant Synastry is 50 percent in effect The matching can be tedious when the trinal Quadrant etc synastry are seen. So, for practicality just check the Mutual Conjunction Synastry Synastry other Uses: Synastry is just not used for Marriage alone. The relationship with any person can be analysed with Synastry. Children: take Asc 5th and Jup Synastry Mother: Asc Moon and 4th house Synastry Father: Asc Moon Sun and 9th house Synastry Friends: Asc Moon 11th house (Ven Jup) Professional: Asc Moon Sun 10TH house Check Asc and Moon with the Karakas and House for other relationship Synastry

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